Capitalist Alienation - Discography LP


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The Québec 80s punk and metal scene produced some truly depraved bands that have long run under the radar. Capitalist Alienation could be considered one of those unsung heroes. Fast, raw, and rude, the name has been whispered from ear of record collector to record collector for years trying to track down copies of their elusive debut LP. 

Beyond somehow gaining a cult following in Japan, the band went largely unheard of outside 'la belle province'...that is until now!!

I Owe You Nothing Records have collected the demo, LP and compilation tracks and reissued it all on a limited edition LP. Not many copies will be going to the USA, so grab this while you can!

From the label:

Quebec's CAPITALIST ALIENATION ruled the frozen tundra with some of the rawest, most intense ultra-core thrash of the Eighties. This new album collects their '86 demo, rare '87 LP, and comp tracks, remastered from the original tapes with a twelve-page booklet, poster, and download including an additional live set. Cover art by Away (Voivod)