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" Finnish Hardcore and Mäkitie 8 loudly present: KAAOS: Tuhlattu Elämä 12" (Live in Viiala 1981)

Real noise pollution for people. That's how KAAOS described themselves from the very beginning and that is exactly how this official live 12" sounds!

KAAOS played their second gig ever in 1981, just a few months before they hit the studio to record their 7" split with CADGERS. The early line-up still had two guitarists, Jakke and Pena, while Kake was on vocals, Timpa on drums, and Banaani on bass.

This was the first KAAOS performance ever caught on tape. Aside from being the earliest live recording of KAAOS, this LP features many tracks that were never recorded in a studio and haven't been heard publicly again.

The gig consisted of two sets, both on their own respective sides - totaling 14 incredibly fast and frenetic tracks "